Wedge Dress in Vintage Japanese Striped Silk


This dress has a boat neck and fluid, generous movement. It looks equally chic worn as a layered piece over pants or skirt. Here it is made of two vintage Japnese striped silks: the top was a dyers sampler with a series of variations and we have combined it with a textured black and white striped kimono silk. One-of-a-kind.

Size: Small
Fabric options: Many choices at varying prices.

Snap Pant in Black "Crinkle"


The easy-to-wear pant in Nuno black "crinkle" has soft single front pleats and a snap at the hem to adjust the leg width.

Size: Medium.
Color options: Crinkle is available in Rice, Opal, Red, Red/Black, Black, Gold/Black, Camel, Purple/Brown, Blue/Navy, Navy and Plum. Please inquire about swatch samples.