This shopping tutorial might seem a bit funny, and we are aware you already know how to shop… just look at you.

But our design and selling processes are quite different from the rest, so we'd like to spell out why, just in case you're not familiar.

Asiatica was an early pioneer of sustainable design. Imagine a beautiful shop and atelier with an archive of treasured vintage Japanese kimono fabrics collected over four decades. Imagine every contemporary piece of clothing being carefully made, one-by-one (no stock, no wholesale) from these vintage kimono, and many contemporary Japanese and other modern textiles.

Now get ready to be treated to exceptional customer care at our trunk shows, through our website, and naturally in our Kansas City shop. The more information you have about our unique process and the more information we have about you, the more successful our relationship will be.

Below is a brief guide.


Our Website

The website is our Forum in which we tell you all about our unique operation and illustrate what we have to sell, and why each piece is special.

We continually feature our newly-made clothing, of which only one of each piece will exist at that time. By viewing our "New Looks" and "Clothing" sections, you'll see that each style, either made in vintage textiles or in modern fabrics, can be repeated in other sizes and colors of modern fabrics, or made in a different or variation of that vintage textile. By clicking the 'inquire now' button on a garment, this is when an email and/or phone dialogue will take place regarding that garment's specifics, and your needs. Should you show interest, we are happy to send you clothes "on approval."

We try to add new items to the website as often as possible and we encourage you to check the website often.


Our Store

This is the ultimate way to shop.

Our store is filled with clothing, accessories, antiques, curiosities and objects for the home. You may have a behind-the-scenes tour of our spectacular archive of vintage textiles within our in-house workshop. Our treasure trove of unique fabrics and vintage kimono are unmatched in the clothing-making industry.

We realize that Kansas City may not be convenient geographically for most of you. That is why we do Trunk Shows.


Our Trunk Shows

We regularly travel all over the country with our clothing and accessories.

This is your opportunity to strike while the iron’s hot and shop for those singular pieces that no one else will own.

You will receive unmatched personal service at our trunk shows, and these intimate shopping experiences provide the perfect opportunity for us to meet each other, exchange information, create your personal profile, and become friends. You can become acquainted with our clothes, try them on and discuss your preferences. Once we have met, fulfilling any future requests becomes much easier.

We understand you have very busy lives, so if you cannot make it to our show within the given hours listed on our show schedule, please call Elizabeth Wilson to set up an off-hour personal appointment so you won't miss the opportunity to shop Asiatica.

We look forward to seeing you!