Jewelry at Asiatica - Let us Tempt You

Eccentrically lavish or simply subdued, our selection of jewelry seems to celebrate the spirit of bohème, the mood of a carefree summer, and the quality of uniqueness.

Our selection is broad in style and price range — made by artists and designers who create mostly one-of-a-kind pieces with great artistry and originality.

Turtle Forest by Kaname Higa

Turtle Forest Silver Ball Necklace

Turtle Forest Silver Ball Necklace

Turtle Forest Grey Cluster Necklace

Turtle Forest Grey Cluster Necklace

Kaname Higa is a Japanese artist and jewelry craftsman whose vision seems articulated through immensely intricate work that has a crystal-clear cool to it. He creates statement-making jewels that have organic form with a lavish edge — precious and semi precious stones or silver assembled by hand into clusters beaded on chains or cords. They take on an other worldly form of chaos balanced by an ultimately serene affect they make as a whole. Higa’s pen and ink drawings are equally mesmerizing — abstract depictions that mimic themes of intense intricacy and beauty.

Gillion Carrara

Gillion Carrara is an art historian, professor, metalsmith and jewelry maker. Her work explores the relationship between materials, design, and function. Carrara’s work integrates streamlined, minimal design with honest attention to refined details of craftsmanship and a profound respect for the materials she uses, whether it be crystal, antler, bone or briar wood. Pure forms of architecture and nature have absorbed her attention and driven her design.

Gabriella Kiss

Gabriella Kiss' delicate, figurative jewelry is at once poetic and scientific. Meticulously crafted in the finest materials, her precision reveals the awesome beauty of nature's nuances. Through her renowned jewelry, Gabriella gracefully honors her enduring fascination with nature, with life cycles, with birth and death and the universe in between. Kiss has an eye for the small and is drawn to detail, deriving inspiration from the flora and fauna of nature and the life cycles of the natural world and art history. The pieces are meant to have a personal meaning to the wearer, beyond adornment.

Janis Provisor

Janis Provisor, a fine artist and rug designer also fearlessly creates exquisite, spirited one-of-a-kind fine jewels. Her expressive pieces live in an elegant world, on elegant women. Her eye for brilliant combinations of precious stones in daring compositions each time marries the sublime with the serendipitous.

Julie Cohn

Jewelry designer Julie Cohn uses old-world casting techniques to create modern artifacts. Made in Dallas, each piece has been carved in wax by the designer and finished by hand. The collection is primitive, yet modern in style, juxtaposing refined elements with rough organic shapes. Cohn’s jewelry is cast in ancient bronze and sterling silver and combined with semi precious stones.

Margaret Solow + Chan Luu

Chan Luu blends global inspiration and a California lifestyle to capture the essence of everyday luxury. A reflection of a well-traveled spirit influenced by multicultural sensibilities, each meticulously designed and handcrafted jewelry collection is a modern expression of effortless style.
Margaret Solow finds inspiration from art, travel, philosophy, and nature. Whether it is a modern painting, a bird resting on a branch, or the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, her jewelry expresses these elements by distilling them to the simplest visual form. She has been called the 'anti-bling' designer because of her understated approach and use of natural materials.

Mandy Carroll-Leiva

Mandy Carroll-Leiva takes the route to sartorial beauty through fine craftsmanship and inspiring materials in her jewelry collection. Her contemporary, organic sensibility and use of uniquely combined precious and semi precious stones and pearls stand as the hallmark of her work.

Photography: Mikal Shapiro + Galadriel Thompson | Model: Galadriel Thompson | Creative Direction + Styling: Susan Cannon