Come to Japan with Asiatica for the Holidays

At Asiatica we never cease to be amazed by the beauty of Japanese culture and design.

Inspiration strikes us at every turn — so for the holidays we'd like for you to tour Japan with us (through our photos we snapped on our summer buying trip.) You'll see what influences us and also what can be yours.

All Japan photographs are taken by Kate McConnell and Elizabeth Wilson, Summer 2016. Product photographs are by Stuart Heidmann, Kevin Wells and Sarah Nelsen. Design by Emily Ahlvin.

The journey begins here...

Come to Japan with Asiatica for the Holidays.

Below left: Mossy tree trunks at Nanzen-ji Temple, Kyoto (Many of these photos were taken by Kate on an overcast day at Nanzen-ji, one of the biggest Kyoto temples.)
Below right: Bell Jacket in Gold, Pewter and Green Vintage Silk Brocade Obi (SOLD).

Snowballs in sunshine. Pretty bowls go with everything.

Below left: Crosswalk outside the Snoopy Museum, Tokyo (We did not visit).
Below right: Yellow Glazed Bowls

Popsicles & silk — delicious combinations!

Below left: Ice pops on a cart outside a hip store Kawaramachi, Kyoto. (Someone started a franchise of sorts making a variation of Mexican paletas in wonderful and colorful flavors. We saw another at Tokyo Midtown).
Below right: City Jacket in Vintage Printed Japanese Silk

A bundle of jewels as if pulled from the sea, suspended from your neck.

Below left: Stone walkway with moss and gravel, Nanzen-ji Kyoto
Below right: Kaname Higa's Light Cluster Necklace (SOLD).

Unique forms for flowers.

Below left: Soba restaurant, Nishi Azabu, Tokyo. (This was around the corner from one of our favorite pottery shops.)
Below right: Small and Large Japanese Bronze Vases from the early 20th century. (Both are SOLD)

When In doubt, wear black, red and white.

Below left: Paper wishes tied to a tree outside the Yasuno Kinpira Shrine, Kyoto. (We had just left a private kimono auction held in this shrine.)
Below right: Bajra Cashmere Black Scarf with Red and White Stripe (SOLD).

Holiday style.

Below left: View of Tokyo with Tokyo Tower from the Mori Museum. (Mori Museum is atop Roppongi Hills Mall).
Below right: Asiatica Pouf Sleeve Blouse in Grey Italian Cotton

Keep calm and love turquoise!

Below left: Brushes on display at Pigment, Tokyo. (A wonderful store designed by Kengo Kuma.)
Below right: Grainne Morton Turquoise Chandelier Earrings in Mismatched Vintage Bits.

Exquisite tableware, gifts and curiosities aplenty.

Below left: Grapes for sale, $15. a bunch, Tokyo. (Not just ordinary grapes.)
Below right: White Bowl with Blue Dots.

Our green jean jacket will delight!

Below left: View from our seat at the ramen restaurant in Azabu Juban, Tokyo. (Buy a ticket in the vending machine at the doorway.)
Below right: Jean Jacket in Green Mola.

Wrap up In chic coziness.

Below left: Stack of vintage linen kimono at Yuki Pallis, Kyoto. (A Loving display of kimono in perfect condition.)
Below right: Kantha Indian Silk Embroidered Shawl (SOLD).

Spread love with hearts.

Below left: Festival decoration for sale at Kitano-jinja on flea market day in June.
Below right: Tiny boxes each with a cloth heart inside.

The Updated ‘Little Black Dress’

Below left: Worn wooden panel, Kyoto. (Only one of many possibilities exhibiting worn wood.)
Below right: Obi Bandeau in Reversible Vintage Japanese Silks, Skinny Skirt in Black Vintage Silk Damask with the Andraab Varigated Striped Cashmere Shawl draped over as a wrap.

Two Earrings In One — The Grass IS Greener!

Below left: Waterlillies at Nanzen-ji, Kyoto.
Below right: Grainne Morton Green and Blue Triplet Earrings (SOLD).


Your everyday coat – in gray or not … you choose!

Below left: Gravel and moss at Nanzen-ji, Kyoto.
Below right: Reed Topper in Italian Wool.

Bicycles & Candy Canes — It’s Holiday Time!

Below left: View of an open butcher shop, Nishi Nippori, Tokyo (fried pork, fresh hamburger, chicken cutlets).
Below right: White and Red Striped Trumpet Bowls.

Rooflines & Necklines You Will Fall For.

Below left: Roofline of main gate at Nanzen-ji, Kyoto.
Below right: Kaname Higa Unique Silver Necklace (SOLD).


You Can’t Go Wrong With The Basic White Shirt.

Below left: Fried chicken stand at Kitano-jinja, Kyoto (The pause that refreshes at the flea market).
Below right: Madison Shirt in Silk Crepe.

Ribbons And Scarves To Wrap With.

Below left: Stacks of traditional silk ribbon for tying wooden boxes, Teramachi, Kyoto (one of the few remaining traditional shops in Kyoto).
Below right: Linda Lykke Orange and Pink Striped Scarf (SOLD).


Silver Bags, Silver Bags, It’s Christmas Time In The City.

Below left: Quiet bar around the corner from the Screen Hotel, Kyoto (rainy night after-dinner drink).
Below right: Essent'ial Giant Silver Paper Tote.

Stripes, dots and more In cobalt blue! 

Below left: Katsura Imperial villa, Kyoto. (Not to be missed. Great checkerboard fusuma).
Below right: Exceptional tableware for holiday and everyday.

Check your sweater in houndstooth.

Below left: Temple wall at Nanzen-ji, Kyoto.
Below right: Scarf Sweater in Japanese Wool Houndstooth, Obi Bandeau in Reversible Vintage Japanese Silks, Drawstring Pant in Vintage Japanese Silk Damask.

Shine Through The Holidays In Our ‘Lantern Dress.’ Holiday Dressing With A Flair.

Below left: Lanterns outside a Shinto shrine in Kyoto (we cannot remember which one).
Below right: Lantern Dress in Nuno Ribbon Fabric.

Forever Green!

Below left: Louts pond at Toji Temple in Kyoto in June. (Hidden among the flea market vendors.)
Below right: Lotus Shirt in Green Silk.

It Comes In Waves.

Below left: White linen Noren (door curtain) outside a Kyoto rice shop. Beautiful calligraphy.
Below right: Double Cuff Shirt in Vintage Japanese Wave Design.

Strength And Beauty In One.

Below left: Fat bamboo at Nanzen-ji Temple, Kyoto.
Below right: Alison Berger Glassworks Two-Part Vase.

For The Love Of Purple And Pigment!

Below left: Jars of powdered pigments at Pigment in Tokyo.
Below right: Lotus Shirt in Vintage Purple Silk with Printed Scarf (SOLD).


Multi-Colored Cashmere = Win : Win.

Below left: Shelves of colored paper at Ito-Ya, a multistoried stationery shop in Ginza, Tokyo.
Below right: Dosa Striped Double Sided Muffler (SOLD).

Bowties Make Everything Better.

Below left: Small boy fully outfitted for school (including waterproofed backpack) Kyoto, near the scarf store.
Below right: Asiatica Bowtie in Red, Teal and Black Checkerboard (SOLD).

The PERFECT Gift For Anyone On Your List (Or YOU)! 

Below left: Black and White Frond Kimono
Below right: The Asiatica Gift Certificate.