I think it was in one of my favorite movies, Beat the Devil, that Janet Leigh described men as being either one-of-a-kind or the best of a type. I think of objects- and perhaps also other things- in that way. 

Whether I am in a museum or on a shopping trip- or perhaps even a restaurant- the same criteria apple. A meal at L'Astrance in Paris would fit the first and a perfect BLT the second. On a buying trip, the consideration of whether something would "sell" is never the first question- perhaps the last one, though. 

The left-hand image above is a beautiful arrangement of objects and ikebana at a booth at the Kyoto Antique Fair. There was no object that was absolutely necessary to purchase, but the way the dealer arranged everything was fabulous. Inspiring. 

The center image is our version of one-of-a-kind- a patchwork jacket made by carefully choose small left-over pieces of vintage fabrics and artfully assembling them into a new whole. 

The right-hand image is of a small collection of inexpensive, but beautiful objects collected on a Kyoto afternoon wandering the small streets near my hotel. It is up to you all to visualize how to use them to amok and aesthetic whole.