Handmade in Kansas City

We have been inspired to work on an indigo theme. We have a large collection of vintage Japanese indigo cottons- ikats and tie-dyes- which include lots of bits and pieces as well as some large-scale patterns. We also ordered some denims from commercial fabric houses to stretch out the choices and got to work. 

The jacket on the left is a wonderful combination which Taylor put together which includes pieces of large-scale vintage ikat,, solid vintage indigo cotton and off-white linen which are stitched in running contrasting threads. It makes a beautiful whole which allows us to see each of the fabrics in a totally new light. In the center is a pair of children's overalls. This is a revival of the original "Asia Minor" project which we abandoned some years ago. I think the overalls were the best of the many shapes using bits of leftovers. The vintage cottons are washable and Alice's combinations are terrific. We might add another shape soon. 

On the right is a bold vintage ikat cotton all by itself. 

People ask why we don't make our things in Asia. If we were mass-producing I know that the labor costs might be lower, but that is exactly what we are not doing. Making each decision for each piece is what makes our clothing special. Besides, I love saying that we make everything in Kansas City. Having read the fashion press recently, I know that we are being ver "on trend". I just wish some of the press would know about us and what we do.

On September the 7th I will set off in my minivan for a month-long East Coast trunk show tour. Midwest and West will follow in October. See you somewhere, I hope.