Recent Travels


Kansas City, Boston, Yale Art Gallery

These are just the first images of a month-long Fall Trunk Show tour. As you can see, my interests do transcend food and clothing. Landscapes, architecture, and museums also keep me driving. The fact that my van contains huge garment bags full of cloths, several rolling garment racks, suitcases of scarves and jewelry and a whole traveling office does not deter me from distractions on the way to and from the cities where our trunk shows are held. Photographing the action at the shows would invade my customers' privacy and also look pretty much the same every time. The amusements at the trunk shows include my wonderful- mostly- and interesting conversations about clothing, of course, but also artistic events and restaurant recommendations. Here are some more pictures: 

Elegant and art-laden New York dinner party; Chinese calligraphy at Sotheby's that went for about 4 times its estimate; lavender cookie on a Nuno scarf. 

The evening that I arrived in NYC I was invited to the loveliest dinner party in an apartment filled with the best art! Old master drawings, a fabulous Leger and all sorts of wonderful conversation with interesting people, only some of whom I had met before. Fabulous! It was "Asian Art Week", so there were auction previews and lots of art gossip and things to see. The Hotel Lombardy has opened a fine coffee bar and their lavender cookies were delicious. Also in the neighborhood is a superb Roman pizza hole-in-the-wall, a superb Israeli vegetarian take out of place - SOOM SOOM- Guatemalan lady selling freshly sliced mangos on the street in front of Sephora, and an excellent Chinese Restaurant, GRAND SICHUAN EASTERN on 2nd avenue between 55th and 56th streets. Bonanza. 

The Conservatory Garden in Central Park on a sunny Sunday; New York State Theater Lobby (very ugly except for the fabulous Jasper Johns) during an intermission of the NYC Ballet 4 Black and White Ballets- the best! The van fully loaded on our way from the Lombardy to Long House in East Hampton. 

The Garden is on my favorites with a wild and imaginative mix of annual, perennials, winding boxwoods etc. The van sure looks messier than I thought it was. 

A lovely model in our clothes at Longhouse Reserve; Jack Lenor Larsen serving negronis; Sculpture in the superb Longhouse Gardens. 

We had a two day trunk show in East Hampton. Jack Lenor Larsen was the "host" at his house and gorgeous garden conservatory. The weather was perfect and the imaginative garden design incorporates sculpture and varied plantings, water features and shaped terrain. We left having had a successful show and added two bamboo plants and a Japanese maple tree to our load. 

Flying, for a change, to California; The new East end of the Bay Bridge; Persimmons at the farmers' market in Santa Monica. 

After Longhouse, Kate and I drove to Washington DC for a 2 day show, and then I drove to Chicago for another two-day show. Then a week at home and off to California- Los Angeles and San Francisco and off to Houston. Restaurant treats in California included a delicious green posole at RUSTIC CANYON in LA, and a classic medley of favorites at ZUNI CAFE in SF. 

At the moment we are finishing our HOliday Collection of clothes, receiving delivery of the most wonderful scarves from DOSA, FRANCO FERRARI, NUNO and elsewhere. Ashely is photographing as fast as she can for the website and we will have pictures ready soon. Our New York Holiday show starts next week.