June in Japan

June 30, 2009 Posted in Travel

The most beautiful things in Japan are the temples/shrines and the food basements of the major department stores.  Here are some photos taken at Misukoshi/Nihombashi.  Temples will have to wait.  The variety and especially the presentation is staggering.

These sweets are only one example of a huge category.  Each maker tries to outdo the next in beaauty.

If you go to Japan allow at least an hour to browse all the sections.  Fish or crackers are as beautifully presented as the sweets.

Getting ready for Japan

June 9, 2009 Posted in Travel

I am going to Japan tomorrow, but had better catch up on recent travels before I forget.
In late May, we spent a very fine weekend in Philadelphia.  We went to see the beautiful Cezanne exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  That was a great pleasure with lots of wonderful pictures, interesting comparisons to make and opportunities to explore new ideas.  The museum is huge, full and daunting.  Only we would spend every waking hour there.

We had 2 delicious dinners at Osteria on 640 N.Broad Street.  The rhubarb sorbet and the pistachio ice cream were memorable (I remember since we had them twice). A bonus was having some time with Michael Olczewski, our artist friend who teaches at Moore College.

Coming home to Kansas

May 5, 2009 Posted in Travel

Spring trunk shows have been completed — except for Kansas City which is this week.  Last week Angela and i were in Boston.  We had a free day on Tuesday.  She went to Providence to visit her son and I to Gloucester with my friend Lee.  I had not been to G. since about 1958 and found it a bit disorienting at first.  But once I got my bearings while searching for an old family friends lovely house between the moors and Bass Rocks it became nostalgically familiar.  The old house was there, but the property had been divided and diminished.  The old Moorhead Hotel was gone — where I had once been King Neptune while my girlfriends were all mermaids.  The culinary highlight was the box of freshly fried clams Lee and I shared at about 5 in the afternoon at The Lobster Pool.  Totally fulfilled my fond memories.  Next time i hope to see Bellport .

Restaurant receipts are piling up

April 17, 2009 Posted in Travel

My file is filling up, so it must be time to share some notes.

The collection of receipts and invitations from New York City in March is on the top of the pile.    There were lots of dinner parties on the occasion of Asian Art Week.  One of the best was at Matsuri, in the Maritime Hotel (363 west 16th street.)  The party was late, lively and entertaining.  the hosts were charming, and the food was delicious — served “family style”:   Japanese food, slightly revised, but to good effect.  Big trays of real sushi, bowls of cool, pickled lotus root, excellent skewers etc.  The place is festive in its decor, but still within reason.

Art Express

March 31, 2009 Posted in Travel

I found this great site: